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Thursday, December 16, 2010


Birth room #2

Waiting area

Birth room #2

Birth room #2

This will go on the wall, somewhere

Birth Room #2

Waiting area (temporary seating!)

Waiting area (temporary seating!)

Waiting area (temporary seating!)

Waiting/reception area

Reception area

1st floor hallway

Friday, December 10, 2010

Every Day Brings Us Closer

I'm happy and a little dazed to report that we are in the midst of our city building inspections. We are steadily working on furnishings and making everything "neat and tidy" and a little person I know likes to say. 

Center for Birth will be open for the professional services offered by occupants of the first floor, including the midwifery practice with which I am affiliated, Seattle Home Maternity Service (SHMS), in the new year.

SHMS will begin seeing clients at Center for Birth one day a week, in addition to regular clinic days at the main office in Columbia City. We SHMS midwives can't wait to welcome the babies at Center for Birth, as we continue to attend home births and births at the SHMS birth center.

CFB is also delighted to announce that Rainy City Midwifery and Seattle Pregnancy Acupuncture (Jasmine Bay) are moving in as of January 1, 2011.


We have a "map document" but since I can't attach files, I turned it into a JPG.

Adisplay of photos. These are already dated.
Testing the air flow.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wanted: Furniture

Furniture. We need it. I have to get it. ASAP. This is going to prove to be a challenge for someone whose shopping habits center around browsing through catalogs.
I've logged at least a dozen hours online, looking at furniture and creating way too many "bookmarks". Starting tomorrow I will hit the road and see what I can gather in person.

In other news: had a terrific meeting today with the representative of an organization that runs programs that are *extremely* relevant to families having babies or families with children under five years old. I'll share more news when we get closer to final arrangements, but look forward to some terrific program offerings right at CFB! Very exciting.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Livin' at CFB this week.

I have logged more hours at CFB this week then at any other time in this process. Yesterday was a beehive of activity: cabinets, painting, carpentry, tiling, plumbing...all going on at once.
Here are some pictures, mostly of cabinetry in various states of completion. The tiling guy plans to work all weekend. It's pretty awesome watching these people work. It's amazing what people can still do with their own two hands and a large collection of power tools!

Midwives visiting :-)

The "Art Wall" area.

Working out the edges, with the remote architect on the phone

On-demand hot water for tubs.

Painter, one of several, hard at work.

Dusty sink in instrument cleaning room.

Cabinets in the "staff/provider room" all done.

Shower installation in progress. Sawdust is everywhere.

Painting pictures from Nov. 4, 2010

This is the P6 green, the Brookside Moss

This is the P6 green, the Brookside Moss

This is the P6 green, the Brookside Moss

This is the P6 green, the Brookside Moss

An office/exam room

Reception area

"my office"

The sconce

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Today's Construction Work: Cabinet Installation

Wednesday November 10, 2010

The cabinet installation begins. Progress was slow but steady. And then we had a minor incident when they drilled into a water pipe (the plumbers used some new-fangled piping that is not copper). 

We also had the carpet delivered. That's a LOT of carpet.

Best of all, we had visitors:

Inspecting the flooring in room 2.